Robin Williams

I came home after acquiring some much needed groceries and materials. I desperately proceeded to make a satisfying dinner, as I had not eaten in a while. I turned on a television, and changed the channel to CNN. These days, I’ve become much more invested in watching the news; I’ve never been so appreciative in knowing what goes on around the world.


Then the commercials ended, and the news came on.


Robin Williams had passed away.


I can’t remember how long I stood in front of the television, paralyzed to the bone. I just know that I cried heavily after that. I’m still crying now, as I write this.


After sharing some Facebook and Twitter posts, I began to reminisce about moments where this truly funny, magical human being had been a huge inspirational hero to me.

(In a nutshell)

I remember watching Aladdin for the first time. I had never laughed so hard before. That was the first Robin Williams film that I recall seeing. I was greatly amused by this Genie character, to the point where I deemed him as one of my favourite characters. Ever. Over time, my Dad introduced me to films such as “Good Morning Vietnam”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, and “The Birdcage”. I remember how excited my Dad was when he proceeded to show me these films. After watching these films, I couldn’t help but smile and laugh because of his comedic performances. And those interviews on various talk shows, especially with David Letterman! I couldn’t believe how fast and quick-witted he was! I couldn’t stop laughing!


Here is one of my favorite moments featuring this wonderful man:

But Robin Williams was not just a comedian; he was a fantastic actor in general. From “Dead Poets Society”, to “Good Will Hunting”, to “One Hour Photo”, which is one of my favourite films of all time, it was clear that this individual was more than capable of expressing such a wide range of acting.  He was truly phenomenal.

I will admit: I’ve cried for a good two hours now. It's saddening, it’s shocking, and it’s very heartbreaking. A hero, that I grew up with and greatly admired, has been lost today. Robin Williams was a human being that made me laugh, when I felt down and sad, a man that could inspire me through his wise words, and lastly, he taught me the greatest lesson of all: be fearless. His quick, extravagant persona that he effortlessly exuded taught me that being you is okay, no matter how “crazy” and “insane” it may seem. Robin Williams coined the term “legalized insanity”, when he was being interviewed by James Lipton in “Inside the Actor’s Studio”, which referred to doing extreme, comedic actions that other people wouldn’t do. Not that anything I do would fall in that category, but it taught me to be more confident in myself.


Mr. Williams, you have had a substantial impact to the world, and you have made us laugh greater than we could have possibly imagined. Thank you for the memories, and thank you for being my hero.

R.I.P. Robin Williams. You will always be my captain.

I miss you.

Kevin ShakComment